The Proposal

Our VISION is to create a complete community including direct connections and access to the Danforth GO Station, a new community centre, a thoughtfully designed public space, a mix of residential units, and a new road.

A few GUIDING PRINCIPLES are helping us shape the new community:
  1. Connect more people to public transit
  2. Become a new community destination
  3. Create vibrant spaces for people
  4. Provide a range of housing options
  5. Increase connectivity


Rendering - GO
Rendering - GO station
Danforth GO Station Integration

A new accessible entrance at street-level off of Main Street will increase the visibility and accessibility to the station; promoting and facilitating increased use of the Danforth GO Station.

Rendering - Community Centre
New Community Centre

Expanded services and programs will be provided in a proposed new community centre of approximately 50,000 square feet. Its proposed location on the east side of the site would take advantage of its proximity to the potential central public park envisioned through the Main Street Planning Study.

Rendering - outdoor space
Outdoor Open Space

Strategically located mid-block to provide connections to the Danforth GO Transit station and complement the central public park envisioned by the Study, a new outdoor open space (7,900+ square feet) would improve the public realm by providing an outdoor space for residents, employees, and transit riders.

Rendering - side of building
New Housing Options

The new development will provide 1,425 new residential units with a mix of studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom units. There will be both rental and condo options to increase the housing options available for different types of households.

Rendering - streetscape

Increasing connectivity for existing and future community members, a new road would be added to extend from the future public road to Main Street.

The Site

The site currently includes a self-storage facility that consists of 14 single-storey, self-storage warehouse buildings and an ancillary office. It also includes the lands along Main Street where the entrance path to the Danforth GO Station building is located.

Area map

3.2 Acre Site Area

The site is occupied by a storage facility and has the potential to offer more uses for the community.



Direct Access to Danforth GO Transit Station

Connect more people to public transit by integrating the Danforth GO Station.



50,000+ ft2 Community Centre

Become a community destination by including a new community centre.



7,900+ ft2 Outdoor Space for Public Access

Create vibrant spaces for people to enjoy the outdoors, especially between the two buildings close to the GO platform.


401 Car & 1,491 Bicycle Parking Spots

Provide car parking and bicycle parking to support various modes of transportation.


1,425 residential units (rental & condo)

Provide new housing options for a wide range of household sizes and types.



3.2 Acre Site Area
Direct Access to Danforth GO Transit
50,000+ ft2 Community Centre
7,900+ ft2 Outdoor Space for Public Access
1,425 Residential Units (rental & condo)
401 Car Parking & 1,491 Bicycle Parking