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Administrative Documents

City Staff Reports

Community Consultation

Engineering Reports

Environmental Reports

Planning and Architecture

Application Checklist

Application Form

Cover Letter and Revision List

Development Resubmission Form

Project Data Sheet

City Staff Preliminary Report

Public Consultation Strategy Report

Geotechnical Study

Hydrogeological Report

Noise Impact Study

Noise Impact Study Comment Responses

Pedestrian Level Wind Study

Rail Safety Report

Rail Safety Report Comment Tracker

Servicing Report Groundwater Review Form

Stormwater Management Report

Stormwater Management Report Comment Responses

Vibration Report

Arborist Report

Energy Efficiency Report

Heritage Impact Assessment

Toronto Green Standard Statistics

Toronto Green Standards Checklist

Tree Preservation Plan

Angular Planes

Architectural Plans

Draft ZBLA 438-86

Draft ZBLA 569-2013

Landscape Plan

Massing Street Views

Planning Rationale

Planning Rationale Addendum Letter

Project Renderings

Sun and Shadow Study

Survey Plans

Transportation Impact Study

Transportation Impact Study Update